Research Centre of Rehabilitation and Movement Science


Research Centre of Rehabilitation and Movement Science

About the Research Centre

The main purpose of the Research Centre of Rehabilitation and Movement Science is to reinforce research in the field of movement science within the university and search for collaboration among institutes and corporations outside it. The research centre holds regular seminars on subjects connected to movement science.

The Research Centre of Rehabilitation and Movement Science was established on the 1st of September 2003. It is a scientific research centre and part of the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Iceland. Movement sciences involve all sciences that are connected to the movement of the human body in one way or another. It is a place for knowledge sharing, research and development in all fields of movement science and physical therapy.


The role of the Research Centre

  • to be a scientific research centre in movement science and related subjects
  • to provide teachers in physical therapy with facilities for movement science research and reinforce their research
  • to supervise graduate studies in the department in collaboration with the faculty dean and department administrator
  • to provide students in research based studies with facilities and equipment for research
  • to provide students with training and experience in scientific practices by giving them the opportunity to conduct research
  • to create research facilities for guest teachers, specialists and young scientists as is possible
  • to promote conferences, courses, seminars and all kinds of activity within the academic field
  • to take care of service projects in the academic field of the department
  • to provide assistance and service for publication of books, f.e. in collaboration with the University of Iceland Press
  • to collaborate with other research institutes and laboratories in health sciences or related subject

Board and Members

Atli Ágústsson, Asst. Professor and Chairman

Haraldur Björn Sigurðsson, Asst. Professor

Karl Fannar Gunnarsson, Asst. Professor

Members of the Research Centre of Rehabilitation and Movement Science are: professors, associate professors, assistant professors at the Department of Physical Therapy in the Faculty of Medicine. Also others that the executive board has provided with facilities, such as guest teachers, specialists, post docs and graduate students.

All members take part in the ideological development of the centers operation and academic policymaking along with the chairman and the executive board. In addition, other academics, within or outside the university, can connect with the centre. Such connections do not automatically include membership though.